Keynote: Getting a New LEASH on Life

Life was balanced and going well for Shannon during the holiday season of 1998. Christmas that year marked the first holiday at her new kennel location. Then, while making her last kennel rounds that Christmas Eve, everything changed forever. An unprovoked and nearly-fatal dog attack shattered the life she once knew.

The experience left her with a new appreciation for seizing life’s precious moments and making them count. Instead of leaving the pet industry and the danger of dogs behind, Shannon transformed her focus and used the unfortunate event as a springboard to continue her momentum. She learned to embrace risk, and mastered how to translate fear into fuel. These are the strategies which she shares in her signature keynote.

Session Objectives:

This keynote presentation consistently leaves audiences moved and motivated to succeed in the midst of life’s seemingly-constant adversities.

Attendees learn about effective coping strategies, and are likely to be inspired and refreshed, excited to tackle new challenges.

Shannon’s message of overcoming adversity and fear is universal. This presentation is NOT about dog safety…It’s focus is to MOTIVATE the audience to embrace change, face fear, and voraciously pursue lofty goals!

Shannon has shared her inspiring message with the Pet Industry Association of Australia, the Women In The Pet Industry Network, and many other organizations throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

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