As a boarding business consultant and pet care educator, Shannon helps frustrated and overworked kennel owners rethink their own businesses and make strategic changes. She knows the “secret recipe” to boarding kennel success…

Shannon’s exclusive boarding kennel consulting services include both new facility design as well as existing facility redesign. She works with progressive and forward-thinking boarding facility owners, grooming salon owners, and vet hospitals to:

  • Originate and actualize authentic luxury and high-end services
  • Advance print and digital marketing strategies
  • Define and establish effective social media practices
  • Identify and develop additional revenue streams
  • Evaluate and improve workflow dynamics
  • Pinpoint staffing solutions and enhance communications
  • Establish and define clear and concise branding practices

If you are interested in having your specific facility evaluated to determine if it would be eligible for Shannon’s consulting services  please contact Shannon.

Shannon takes on a very limited number of clients at a time, and personally selects each one. Therefore an interview/introduction call with Shannon is always scheduled with the potential client, in order to determine if it might be a good match.

Upon approval, consulting packages are available for a two-year duration, and are priced beginning at $14,995 (USD) for that time period. (References are available to approved clients following interview.)